The works of the Holy Spirit

Over the years, Bruno has developed a great understanding of the works of the Holy Spirit. He writes about this in his first book: Destroy the works of the devil.

Understanding what the Holy Spirit accomplishes in and through a human being is absolutely essential for anyone who wants to fulfill the call God has for their lives.
We are born of the Spirit, so that we can live the life of Jesus. The fruit of the Spirit is the perfect description of the life of Jesus.
We are baptized in the Spirit, so that we can do the works of Jesus. The gifts of the Spirit are the perfect description of Jesus' ministry.

When these two anointings are manifested in the life of the individual, the Christian life is lived out - both in holiness (the fruit of the Spirit) and in power (the gifts of the Spirit). 

It is possible for all Christians to live a life of intimate fellowship with the Holy Spirit. It gives so much joy, and so many results in life.

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