The Great Betrayal

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English version of "Det store svigt"



English version of "Det store svigt"
An eye-opener about the conspiracy against the woman and God's original plan for her.


Read Raymond Marquardt's review in Udfordringen (Danish) her


This I think is a must-read book for all leaders committed to doing Church in a Biblical and God honouring way.

This subject is a subject the Church and her leaders have always tried to avoid, and Bruno rightly points out that this amounts to a betrayal of women and their call to ministry and service...

I approached this book with skepticism and some fear for my friend but emerged from reading it enlightened and challenged in my own view of the subject. This book creates the platform for renewed conversation on what is a vital subject in the Church.

It is about time someone did!
— Peter Rasmussen

This is a book that biblically examines the role of women in leadership life in the church, and wow! I have studied, taught, preached, read, endorsed (my wife pastors a church which she founded) and encouraged women to lead at any level in church. I have read so many books on this subject, for and against. But this book, from my good friend, Bruno Knutzen, is a complete eye opener! I could not put it down and kept reading until finished.

Bruno will answer your questions and insecurities from so many angles, and to be fair, some I had not even considered.  Bruno does not rest on philosophical debate. He clinically and effectively opens and explains Scripture to help the reader understand what it says. 

This is a book for all, scholar, searcher of truth, general reader, leader, male and female. It comes with my highest recommendation.
— Scott Wilson

Love the book.
Love the title.
Love the subject.
Love the analogy.
Love the author's beliefs.
Love that Jesus has bought us free from "The great betrayal".
— Linda Wilson

This book was an eye opener for me. I am convinced that if my generation in our youth had learned this truth, much would have developed differently - for the better for the individual, for the families and for the church.
— Vera Bendtsen